Ok, so I was inspired to write this blog by the "One day this wiki will be worse" blog. And some comments on the blog also gave me a cool idea. But first I wasnt u guys to answer a few questions.

1. After iCarly ends, will u leave and never come back, come back occasianolly, or even after ur gonna try to keep it alive and stay on with others who choos to and grow up with them,

2. If u choose to stay Will u go on everyday or just sometimes?

Ok enough with that, on to my idea, So what if we all can try to make a Twitter, if u don't have one already. So then we follow each other THEN, after like 5 years of iCarly ending, we can all contact each other on Twitter and go on the iCarly wiki for like a reunion. Try to remember username and password, write it down somewhere and keep it, if not make a new account. But yeah we can all have like a reunion and talk about what's been going on and take a trip down memory lane. 5-10 years from now, or even less maybe even like 3 years. Or more or less. Whatever. So I know this sounds REALLY idiotic but yeah. It's just an idea I needed to get out of my head. Ok let me know what u think. xoxoPurple2 21:45, August 16, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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