OK so Dan has made lots of awesome shows. Like all that the Amanda show Drake and Josh Zoey101 iCarly (of course) and the most recent Victorious. All the shows he has made i have watched including What i like about you and Kenan and Kel. Heres my story and yes i have liked them all to. All that well when it was still on the only season i watched was like the 2 final seasons cause i was still a baby ,a toddler to be exact. So i only watched the finale season since i was still watching nick jr and playhouse disney. But i loved it. The Amanda show I grew up with that one basically I used to love it its was my favorite show. I remember i used to put it on everytime it was on. I loved it and i miss it. Drake and josh well I loved that one to. Its to bad it ended i miss it. I had no idea when i first watched d&j that Miranda would be on one of my future fav shows. Zoey101 I love that show. I remember the last episode how I was sad it ended. Icarly is still going on and my fav show. Its sooo funny and cool. I love it and the most recent Victorious which i think is very funny and i reall really like. How bout you your stories and/or what you think bout my story.

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