Hey you guys so how did you learn about the couple names and all that stuff tell me your story. Mine it was near Ikiss I already like Sam and Freddie together so i was so excited to learn if Sam and Freddie would kiss , I kept looking for stuff on the computer then I stumbled upon something that said Seddie which at the time i had no idea what that was. So I researched it and I found it it was Sam+Freddie=Seddie i thought it was cute so my little 9 year old head (i was 9 during the beginning half season 2 for season 1 8 for for the ending half of season 3 10 beginning half season 3 10 ending half season 3 11 season 4 12) tried to memorize that. Eventually I was still excited i was an average fan (now a super fan) of Seddie then I found Creddie. I figured it was Carly+Freddie and it was. I didn't watch ICarly like i do now which is alot cause i had other things to watch. I also learned of other Ships on this Wikia like Cibby, Sibby, Cam and all of the other ships. Then Before this wikia i leanred about the fights which i didn't really enjoy and as you guys know me now I'm such a peacemaker. Now I'm like a pro of Icarly. So whats your story?

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