Hey guys I'm back. I probably didn't tell you I was taking a break, but i did without telling you. See my family thought i was to obsessed with ICarly so i decided to take a break. Over time I started watching a show that i already like called Degrassi: the next generation. No i didnt just discover it I've already really liked it. But i started watching it more. Now it's my favorite show I'm sorry but it is don't hit me. Who else watching DTNG or degrassi: the next generation if you didn't know that. Who else loves JT and was sad when he died who else Likes Liberty and who likes JT and Liberty together (my 2 fav chracters) who else likes the old DTNG better than the new? Oh and who else thought Spinner and Emma getting married was really random. OH and if any newbies have'd joined while i was gone WELCOME DON;T LEAVE ME OUT I ALWAYS TALK TO EVERYONE. Lol i sound psycho but seriously talk to me cause i feel like i've missed a bunch and tell me bout you. ok xoxoPurple2 00:12, January 27, 2011 (UTC)purple2 P.S. Who missed me?

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