OK, so recently in the past idk MONTH, we've all been having some....Issues. Because of IOMG and the 2nd seddie kiss. OK so I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible if i haven't been nice before. Pleaz calm down. It's a tv show. It's not real life. These chracters aren't real, the pairings aren't real. The world isn't gonna end cuz someone didn't end up together with the other person. Honestly i love Seddie, but i like Creddie alot, i was once a creddier for 10 minutes. I understand what you like about it. But there's no reason to fight. I'ma 12 year old tree hugger, animal lover, peace lover, volunteering, tv loving, girl. From the east coast. South Florida. Now i realize you guys don't really care what I am, but what I'm saying is, Remember who you are. Your a normal person who lives in some country somewhere. Not a person who's lives revolve around tv. Remember why you started watching iCarly in the first place. Not because of Seddie or Creddie or Cam or anything like that. Most of us started watching since the beginning of the series. Why did you want to watch. I wanted to watch a new show cause i like tv. I actually thought it was a odd show, but i learned to like it. And not because of any ship. Because it makes me laugh. I try to be as nice as possible but don;t blame me if one day i just... lose it. We all love iCarly, we're all family. Please no hate comments. xoxoPurple2 20:49, May 8, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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