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Purple2 March 30, 2011 User blog:Purple2

OK so basically we found out it was a real episode a few days before the promo. So i was like OK. Lie a few days later i was like a day late with the promo cause i was actually "being active and going outside" as my mom always wants me to do. So I foud the promo (the short version) and i watced it at the end i was ike "OMG ok calm, calm" Then there was another and i was like "oh here's another one" So i watch it it's basically the same thing as the other one but with the "talk" after that I was like "OMG YAAAAYYYYY AHHHHHHHHH" then I get my phone and call Chelsea (my fellow seddie shipper 2nd bff) who's at the hair salon and she answers like "Hello?" and Im like "CHELSEA NEW EPPY AND I LOOKS SOOOO SEDDIEISH" and she's like "rreally, tell me everything." We both haven't been this excited for Seddie or Icarly or any tv show in a while so. Eventually she got home and she called me and she saw i and was like "omg tht looks soooo cool" LOL what was your reaction? xoxoPurple2 02:02, March 30, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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