OK I'm so tired of hearing from Creddiers" Seddiers are always the ones who start fights theyre the rude ones CREDDIE FTW" and from the Seddiers " Creddiers are always rude and stuff they start the fights first Seddie all the way!". You guys yeah sure some creddies and seddies are rude but not all of them are. Remember Istart a fanwar? Of course you do. THE ACTUAL PEOPLE FROM THE ACTUAL TV SHOW, think we are crazy people. Which from the way we fight we look like we are. Ok do you guys think I'm mean? answer that please. 2. Do you guys want the people from icarly think we're crazy? answer that cause i certantly don't So stop blaming someone for starting fight we all start fights. We are half and half sometimes Creddiers start the fights sometimes Seddiers do. Can we all stop acting like these people who lives revolve around Ships I don't think our lives do but the ICarly people do. Just look at how they potrayed us. I honestly loved the episode because it showed how things can get out of hand and stuff. Can we all just make peace I've been trying to do that since i first heard about Seddie and Creddie cause i knew people would be fighting i was right. Please you guys atleast get along better. Ok bye xoxoPurple2 18:27, November 21, 2010 (UTC)Purple2

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