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One nice thing about the opposite ship

Purple2 November 10, 2010 User blog:Purple2

OK YOU GUYS THIS, SORTA TICKED ME OFF I read a comment calling Seddie retarded I'm not naming names you know who you are. And just because I'm a seddier dosent mean i won't stick up for Creddie sometimes. So I know OH I KNOW the majority of you Seddiers and Creddiers here won't except my little Friendship Blog. All i want to make us better friends, Is for each one of us To say ONE thing nice about the opposite ship. Or You can say a moment you liked of the opposite ship. If you have more GREAT GO FOR IT. Obviously you only say nice things here ok i'll start with myself first. Ok Creddie: 1.In isaved your life I like the kiss on the cheek at the end that was sweet. 2. I was actually once a Creddie myself for 10 minutes and I understand why you like it, I get it. 3. Creddie is sweet. Yeah i said it there Sweet. Oh look i got 3 things. OK you guys, it's yout turn. I atleast want ONE seddier and ONE creddier to do this plllleeeeaaassssseee. Ok you guys xoxoPurple2 00:53, November 10, 2010 (UTC)Purple2

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