Birthday-October 9

Eye Color- Brown

Hair Color- Dark Brown



Favorite Colors- Green, Purple, Blue

Favorite Food-Pizza, Oreos, Bacon, Egg rolls.

Sports- I don't really play sports

Extracuricular Activities- Tv?

Favorite School Subject- Language Arts

Least Favorite School Subject- Math

Grades- OK, i think..

Music- Rock, Pop, techno, bunch of other things.

One Interesting Fact-When I like a guy, and they finally like me I stop liking them lol.

Another Interesting fact-When I watch a movie about cooking or any type of thing it makes me want to cook, become a doctor, etc

Most Embarrasing moment-I literally started drooling because I saw good food.

Favorite TV Shows-iCarly, Degrassi, Victorious, Secret Life of the American teenager, Switched at birth, etc

Favorite Movie- Paranormal activity 3

Personality- I'm the randomest person u will ever meet, and the most boy crazy too lol.

School Life- Kinda quiet in classes, but with friends, they wish I would stop talking

Things I hate- Alot of things

Things I like- Alot of things

Favourite Youtubers-Nigahiga, Smosh, etc

My Username-Purple2

My favorite people on this Wikia-Everyone!

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