I just wanted to see if anyone had a relationship or knows anyone in a relationship or in a friendship with a person u like, ok you get the point, kinda like Seddie. Like love/hate or opposites attract kind. I have a crush on this guy and we're like good friends. I wouldn't call us a Love/Hate relationship type thing but more like Opposites Attract type since we never fight or anything. Except something Stupid like If Canadians say "Eh" after everything (which they DON'T! see I'm smart). We do call eachother names though, good times. But like we're really different. He walks fast and me slow, dosen't matter but whatever. And We never agree to anything. I like everything neat. He just comes and messes it up, like that one time i tried to put a perfectly stacked papers together and he messed it up on purpose. I take everything like serious and he takes everything as a joke. He's like obssesed with his iPod touch, I barely use mine. And yeah. But we have a somewhat Love/hate thing too if u like at it in a weird way. We love to mess with each other, he stole my invitation to this thing once and he made me chase him for like 3 minutes in between class, I was almost late, and when I finally caught him he was laughing like crazy. I slapped him in the arm. And We call each other names. Yeah, but I don;t know why but I like him, alot. LOL. Anyways enough of my life, how bout u? Any experience with *points to title* with friends, yourself, or just seeing it in public? Yeah I probably just bored u with my life. LOL anyways yeah. DO what I told u to do. OREOS! xoxoPurple2 21:41, September 17, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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