Hey so, this is a thanks to the people in the honors list who basically um busted Katydidit as a pedophile. Before I start I am not a victim of this, but I feel like I could have been in danger since I'm a 12 year old girl. Um Katydidit was a good friend of mine here, I never actually saw anything wrong with him, except he has asked me my age before, he wanted to be my friend, and he was the first person, besides me, to welcome my friend, Purple21, if u remember her, to this wiki, besides that I really don't remember anything wrong with him besides inappropiate talk in the chat.

OK besides that, THANKS so much for everyone who is on the Honor list, u guys have like no idea how happy and grateful I am. When he was exposed as a pedophile, I wasn't here, I was shopping so when I came on the next day I was like, "What?????" and all confused lol. So yeah, I mean, what u guys did, basically saved lives of many underage girls if u think about it. Uh, I feel so bad for being friends with him and like trusting him, but I know most of us trusted him, but still, I tend to feel guilty. U guys, are like awesome and I know everybody here Is completely grateful for the job you guys did. He was an administrator, which shows how much we trusted him, but that trust was clearly broken. We have had annoying users, mean users, users who don't think before they post, We have had many trolls by many names like JUDAH and Creddie 5.0 and JohnTheHacker. We also have had website hackers who replaced the background with inappropiate pictures. I mean throughout this wiki's exsistence we have had minor flaws that we could spot right away. But nothing could compare to spotting a Pedophile that's been a member of this wiki since March of last year. It take's true compassion and hard work to spot those type of people online. You guys on the honor list, Churchpants, CartoonPrincess, The Sam Puckett, ETC, have compassion and are hard working.

So on behalf of all the iCarly wiki memebers and I think the Victorious wiki, thank you so much. You guys are truly brave. You guys are awesome, I love u guys. You have know idea how grateful I am all the members are grateful, I'm pretty sure.

I've been wanting to write this blog, But I thought It might be a touchy subject, but I worked up the nerve, and wrote one of the most serious blogs I'd ever written. Ok so as I always say xoxoPurple2 22:04, August 2, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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