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What school do u go 2?

Purple2 March 7, 2011 User blog:Purple2

Ok I'm not trying to stalk you or anything I'm just bored. So if u want to answer the question go ahead like what school do u currentl go to and like whats ur fav subject. Me first. U provide the info u want u dont need to put the info i have on.

School:New River Middle School

Grade: 6

Mascot: Home Of The Sharks GO SHARKS!

Fav subjects: Language arts, Art, and Drama (I'm a actress)

ok u dont have to do this i realize this sounds stalkerish well to me. So yeah. It's a "I'm bored out of my mind" blog.

xoxoPurple2 00:38, March 7, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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