Yeah I rewrote this cuz my blog was being stupid. I just copied and pasted. OK so this is a blog listing what i hate. Like Jade from Victorious. After reading this blog please list what you hate on the comments.

  • When I'm on twitter or facebook and my friend is updating, then i text them, and they don't reply.
  • running
  • Working
  • Gym
  • Mustard
  • Onions
  • When people give me attitude for no reason
  • When i comment somewhere and my comment dosen't show up
  • When my bff talks about the same thing all day
  • When people cancel plans on the last minute.
  • When i meet someone with the same name as me.
  • When people fight (emotionally, pyhsical well i'm a middle schooler it entertains us for some reason)
  • When people don't recycle
  • Litter
  • Taking something out of the oven
  • When I'm talking to someone at school not paying attention to where i'm going and i run into a pole
  • When food and liquids spill on me.
  • When things comes out of my burger/sandwich
  • When i get in trouble
  • Spilling my drink on the floor when i haven't drinken any of it yet
  • Gum stuck to my shoe
  • Stepping on dog poo
  • When my friends drop me to become popular ( bff from 1st grade became a chonga -_-)
  • Homework
  • Mean Substitute teacher

Well thats all i can think of right now. I will create a second one. Anyone hate the same things i do? Please post what u hate. xoxoPurple2 20:48, July 16, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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