Ok so lately there has been blogs ALL over the place saying there going to leave because of the "drama". If u ask me there isn't any SERIOUS drama. Sure we have had impersonators, trolls, and some fights over stuff that makes no sense. But we haven't had serious drama. The only one was Katydidit thing. But we stopped him so we're safe. but really I see no reason to leave. I was gonna leave BUT not for reasons everyone else is. I was just leaving to concentrate on school. But I've decided if people keep "leaving" like this the Wiki will have no one. I want to be someone who will stay on to u know take care of the wiki. But why do you guys keep saying there's drama. There isn't. Atleast to me. I'm sorry if this sounds rude, I usually don't rant but seriously. The only drama there is is the drama of people saying there's drama. Everyone keeps leaving and I don't like it. Most people don't. Ok sure, in the past few weeks there has been arguements between some Seddiers and Creddiers. But it's not that bad it's just this time of the year is kinda touchy. I know this sounds like "but your making a blog about how sick you are of it like everyone else" but I'm not "sick" of it just IDK tired. Yes there's a difference. But really I just want to know why. Why? I don't even knnow what to say but Why do u keep leaving. It's not going to make the wiki any better if you leave. It'd make it worse. Think, it will. So I am STAYING until iCarly actually ends. So. Ummm Comment? DOn't hate on me it's just wanted to know why and stuff. Don't hit me. Ok rant over. Have a wonderful day. xoxoPurple2 22:58, August 31, 2011 (UTC)Purple2

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