Hey you guys well i have a feeling for some reason that this episode isnt gonna end in any pairing. Which i'm cool with. I just want to see Sam and Freddie like date once then my ICarly life will be complete....Well most of it i'll still watch it you know. Also do you guys think what i'm thinking that it seems that Dan has been planning istart a fanwar for like a while cause each episode that has like major seddie and creddie in it has like this sort of ending that makes it seem that theres gonna be like a sort of sequel example... ikiss the Seddie kiss of course which you just knew it was gonna be brought up again just by sam and freddie's expression and it was brought up again in ithink they kissed which the ending ,the answer to the question of "did you guys,you know,like it???" was unanswerd and you just know by the looks of it it might be rought up again later. then the famous Ispeed date ending with the creddie dance and the sam walkin on in. Which again i have a feeling will be brought up agaiN. Then the famous episode of isaved your life and i know for a fact that that relationship is gonna be brought up again cause of carly's expression and of course of istart a fanwar of course it's gonna be brought up again. Now istart a fanwar is coming and i'm just wondering if anyone else thinks that all the episodes were like leaning towards istart a fanwar like Dan was sorta planning it. xoxoPurple2 21:35, October 13, 2010 (UTC)purple2

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