This is the sequel to my seddie timeperiod blog post for a few months ago. So why dont you tell either 1. how you became a seddier or 2. why you were a seddier from the beginnig. My story i know i said i was a seddier from the first episode which IS true. but for the 1st 10 minutes i was like sorta a creddier i guess thats what you can call me. See the first 10 minutes when Freddie came out being obbsessive i thought oh there gonna end up together and blah blah blah typical stuff and Oh don't worry Freddie youll get Carly. But then the first SEDDIE SCENE came on them arguing and some seddie intracting and i thought this is getting interesting i shall watch and once there little conversatin/arguiment was done i thought awwww such a cutesy relationship I like them together. At the time i was like 8 or 9 so i didnt know what that kind of relationship was called until later on a love/hate relationship and on youtube one day i discovered the couple name SEDDIE i though aw cute like bradgelina. So thats my seddie story whats yours?

SEDDIERS ONLY PLEASE I AM NOT NAMING NAMES FROM LAST TIME. xoxoPurple2 23:26, October 6, 2010 (UTC)purple2

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