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  • Purple22777

    Okay, I know a lot of people are writing their views on the Seddie/Creddie but this is purely SEDDIE. But at times I may compare them to Creddie. This is a bit late but I need to get this off my chest.

    iThink They Kissed.

    They even counted how many seconds they kissed, it held significance for them. 

    Their answer to whether or not they liked their kiss in iKiss was not given, because of Spencer's interruption, and Carly never asked them hat question again, leaving the answer unestablished. My theory is that after they kissed they might have some feelings for each other. (not full-out attraction yet.) 

    Now to iSaved Your Life.

    Okay, I merely TOLERATED watching this episode for the first time when I learned about the plot. If not for my best frie…

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  • Purple22777

    This is my first Seddie songfic. Please enjoy! :)

    Oh! and iGoodbye nor Sam and Cat happened here.

    Sir, I'm a bit nervous

    About being here today

    Still not real sure what I'm going to say

    So bear with me please if I take up too much of your time..

    This is it, 22-year old Freddie benson thought as he stood in front of Jeremy Puckett's large house. Turned out, while he was missing nearly 18 years of his daughters' lives, he hit it big in Las Vegas. Jeremy and Sam as well as Melanie reconnected when Melanie found out where he was. Freddie knocked on Jeremy's door nervously, anticipating his girlfriend's father's appearance. Jeremy finally opened the door and his warm smile greeted Freddie. "Freddie, m'boy! What brings you here? Is Sam alright?" Fredd…

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  • Purple22777

    Hey! Purple2277 here.

    So I'm reading on my iPod this awesomely great stories by shana852963 (which are Seddie of course) and its so great she could be a writer! I'm currently reading 2 stories which is istart my life and Seddie Oneshots and they're long like 200+ chapters but sometimes they're short but most of them are decent length. And trust me, it's not enough, I am seriously hooked! And I realized I never told anyone about these fanfics, so here I am telling you guys! Oh, and here are the links:

    istart my life:

    Seddie Oneshots:

    Thanks for reading guys! And seriously CHECK. IT. OUT.

    bye guys! 'Til next time.

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