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May 5, 2011
  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is being awesome, duh
  • I am your worst nightmare
  • PurpleJerk

    How I met your Dan

    August 25, 2011 by PurpleJerk

    Hey peepz!

    Yeah, the title of this blog isn't misleading (sorta, just read til the end). I met DAN! That's how it went:

    Me: *trying to sneak in the Nickelodeon studios*

    Dan: Excuse me? What are you doing?

    Me: Trying to find the world's biggest gummy bear. *eye roll* What'cha think I'm doing?! Sneakin' in!

    Dan: *laughs* I'll ask my bunny Cupcake if you can come in.

    • a purple bunny appears out of nowhere*

    Dan: So Cupcake, can she watch us filming iCarly? Can she? Here's your banana!

    And then I woke up. For a moment I thought it was real and then the realization hit me... Stupid me, Cupcake is not purple!

    That wasn't random xD I just caught up how you guys always talk about your Seddie/Creddie/Cam/Spam/Cibby/Sibby/whatever dreams. But do you ever dream…

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  • PurpleJerk

    Hey, people!

    I'm here for a while and I never posted a blog... So, I do it now. Happy? No? GO AWAY!

    I'm addicted to - no biggie, but it got really serious now. I don't write stories, I just read them. Still understand what am I saying? Okay. So, I don't write fanfictions. I think up of disclaimers though -.- I feel like a weirdo (I'm not a weirdo and I said you to go away!)... And well, I thought I could do something with them. So, I'll put it here. Feel free to use it when you wake up at 4 A.M., your toothbrush starts to shout at you: "Hey man! Lift up your lazy butt and write a fanfic!" and you can't think up of a funny or clever disclaimer. You don't want your toothbrush to be mad at you, do you?


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