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The PurpleMushroom Seddie Contest!

Hey guys! Well I had an idea , I am going to hold a small contest!!!!

All you have to do is........

1 - List your top 3 favourite Seddie moments (doing them in order is optinal)

2 - Say underneath why you picked them and what you think was special about them

3 - A picture of something you have in the Seddie colour (Purple)

I will pick my top 3 answers and they will win prizes (There not big prizes but its all I can send over the internet)

Now for the..... PRIZES!

1st Place - I will personally design a one of a kind cartoon character just for you , I will draw it and write a little story about them or a bio and post it here. If you win first place I will message you on you wall and all you have to do if tell me your favourite colour(s) and what is you favourite animal 

2nd Place - I will draw any cartoon character you like and post it on here to you! and make you a edited ( just a little bit of effects and stuff) of your favourtie Seddie photo , I'll message you about that too if you win :)

3rd Place - I will put names of animals in a hat and pick one out and whatever on comes out I will draw it for you and post it here :D , I will message you to if you have won!

So there you go , Please comment on my original contests post here-   , and I wish you all could win but I'm only doing 3 prizes.


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