Hi guys! Amy and I decided to make cartoon icons for you! All you need to do is comment:

  1. What name you would like on your icon
  2. Skin color
  3. Hair color
  4. What colored shirts/hoodie( Also, what you want them to say on them, example: ∞; 1D; Avatar; iCarly) The shirts can be a tank top, long sleeve, or a t-shirt.
  5. Shorts or pants (what color)
  6. Bow or no bow
  7. Glasses or not
  8. Font? (Curvy, idk, describe it to me, girly, bubbly LOL)
So...yeah. Basically LOL. Here's an example of mine:


After PCC rejected my''''' marriage proposal:

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 2.06.46 AM



By the way, we do not draw them.

( also if you're going to use it on Tumblr, Credit her: )

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