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Taking A Break :P

OK.... So I'm Just Gonna Take A Break From The Wiki. Maybe For About 1-2 Weeks. SO, I Wont Be Here For When iDSAF Premieres. Why Im Taking A Break? Due To The Following Reasons:

  • School
  • I've Been Getting Addicted To Here
  • Homework
  • Drama *Coughs*
  • People

So.. Yeah. And I Wont Be Here To Celebrate My Birthday With You People XD. Try Not To Miss Me To Much (JK)

I Wont Be Here..... So This Is My Goodbye (Temporary Goodbye)


❤Anime And Manga Nerd❤ *Pokes* ☞ 02:56, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT: Oh Yeah, If You REALLY Need To Contact Me, I'll Be Checking My Talk Page. And I'll Be Responding To Your Comments. So I Wont Be Commenting On Pages And No Chat.... So Yeah LOL

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