Well, as you can see from the blog title, what are you looking forward to. I'm looking forward to the Rap Battle between Sam and Rex, and the promos for iDate Sam and Freddie. I don't know which more though. Also, a bonus question, what do you like better Nickleodeon, Disney, or Cartoon Network. I like Nick the best, because out of the other channels, I think that they have better shows, and more seasons, unlike Disney which is 3-4 seasons, and Cartoon Network which is 1-2 seasons. The only Disney show I think I liked is The Suite Life, which ended, and for Cartoon Network was Chowder, and Foster's Home. Anyway, on topic, what are you looking forward to the most in IPWV? Also, to see Dan's tweet about promos, here's the link:!/DanWarp

Leave your comments below please!

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