WARNING: All or Most of you aren't going to like what I say in this blog post. BUT THAT'S OKAY! :D

Anyways, this blog is mainly for the people who don't like Seddiers turning into Neutral shippers. And excuse me for this, by your all being stupid. Or basically the people involved in this fight/argument/debate. Do you know why? Well first, for the Seddiers turning into Neutral Shippers.

  • iDSAF is not a reason to switch. It never will be. Because, there are 2 more episodes in this arc. You need to watch them. And watch them throughly. LOL, this is all for you guys.

And now, for the people who don't like them switching to Neutral Shippers.

  • iCarly is not your life. It never will be. It's just a TV show, nothing less and nothing more. So, Seddie, Creddie, Cam, Cibby, etc. Is Just A Ship. Nothing more, nothing less. This is why you shouldn't be, over-obsessing over your ship, like you have OSD (Obsessive Seddie Disorder) or OCD (Obsessive Creddie Disorder).
  • Now, my main point. Why are you caring over what other people ship? Is this really important? No, it's not. People can ship whatever they want, and you shouldn't stop them if thy want to become Neutral. It's none of your business whether they want to switch or not. If you dislike them switching, fine. Just don't stop them. It's their decision, not your decision.

Now; I have indeed thought about switching to Neutral. And NO. it's not iCTI. It will never be iDSAF, since it's not a reason to switch. I might switch because of shipping fights, and to pay more attention to the comedy of the show. When you ship something, it takes some of your attention away from the comedy, but on your ship. I want to focus in the comedy, so yeah xD. So if I ever do switch, you know why :P

Well, that's all. GOODBYE!


❤Anime And Manga Nerd❤ *Pokes* ☞ 03:18, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

(BTW, I'm Crediting Cc71 For Helping Me Find My iCTI Typo. THANKS! XD)

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