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    Another STUPID, Little game of mine. Heh:P

    So Basically You have to tell a story using the Alphabet! :DD


    User 1: The Dog walked in the loo....


    User 2: "Ugh" It groaned.


    User 3: Violet lilly's came out of it's butt.

    You are allowed to ignore this disturbing example but It's just to show you what you basically have to do. LOL.

    And nothing tooo disturbing and Make sure it is PG.... And it can't be BORRING! It has to be weird!

    And The little story thing can be about ANYTHING.. Books, TV stuff... Random nothings... :)

    And don't REPLY To comments.. unless you wanna tell them something... It has to be a new comment to continue the story Thing...

    You can like Make a new story up... (leaving i…

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  • Purple xx

    It's Magicboot's Birthday today. :]


    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

    Love Unicorn xD

    PS. Wish her happy birthday you chicken noodles xP

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  • Purple xx

    A Card for Seddiegirl

    October 28, 2011 by Purple xx

    So after such the devastating news of Seddiegirl's passing, I think it would really nice if we all made a card for Seddiegirl and her Family.

    So If you please leave your name, and a message to Seddiegirl and her family, It would be really apreicative :], Even if it's a small message, it would still mean a lot to her family. Also, It would be really nice if you made a picture for her. :]

    You have till Sunday to write your message. And then I will work on the card. :]

    ALSO, The messages and pictures will be put on her memorial page. :]

    R.I.P Seddiegirl, you WILL be missed. God Bless, and Good night.

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  • Purple xx

    This is a new game I used to play with my friends.

    Okay, So This is too see which user knows the most celebrities on this wikia.

    Here is what You do x):

    A player, (Player 1) Has to say a name of a celebrity. And they have to Get the Pronunciation right, But since we're on the internet xD You have to spell it right.

    You are' 'not allowed to repeat a celebrity name that has already been said.

    So at first it's easy, and then you have to start thinking. xD

    And NO Making celebrities up! xD But you are allowed to do characters off a TV show. Since they are techinaclly famous! :)

    But since there are so many of you, I think it would be better if you guys signed up! :) Cause anyone could cheat! xP

    So sign up Your name to play! :) I know you want tooo.... :)

    And i…

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  • Purple xx

    Another one of those quote guessers... But I guess this is Much, Much Harder. :P

    Okay so Here's what ya have to do.

    You have to think of a quote, it can be hard or easy. Which ever suits best for you! :P You also have to put a small clue with it! And you have to keep giving them clue's until they guess who says that quote! :]

    User 1: "These pants are hurting me in ways you can't imagine." -iCarly

    User 2: Gibby?

    User 1: NO! In the Seddie Arc :)

    User 3: Spencer in iLost My Mind! :DD

    User 1: Correct! :DD

    LOL that's just a example xP, But you can use it xD ... So have a go! :P....

    ~Purple xx

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