I'm sorry but it's not that I'm purposely trying to be ungrateful or 'rude' or anything but don't you think Nick is airning new iCarly episodes to close together?

I mean FIVE new iCarly Episodes (the Seddie Arc) have/are going to be aired in a row.

iDate Sam And Freddie

iCan't Take It

iLove You


iStill Psycho .... Actually its two weeks after i think... but still soo close xP

Isn't that already half the amount of episodes that have been filmed... am I wrong?

Unless They have like loads more (That we don't know about) filmed then we're going to be wating a loooong time for episodes next year, until Dan films some new episodes in April/May 2012 (Is it?) Just like this year.....

It's not that I'm not thrilled cause I am....I'm just worried (and impatient xP)

So what do you think?

Im not trying to cause anything so don't yell at me xD

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