This is a blog for Seddiers Only..... But others may take part :)

Since I'm in the Seddie editing mood, I decided to set up a contest.... :) For celebration of our Seddie Arc :)

A contest for who can make the Best Seddie Edited picture. :)


  1. Must be Seddie only.
  2. You can make as many as you like.
  3. No taking someone else's picture.... If you do.... that's just selfish.... and I hate it when people take the credit for other peoples work :/

Thats probably all the rules I can think of for the moment.... if you have any good rules, tell me them and I'll consider putting it up :)


  • Picture 1 Made by Purple xx
  • Picture 2 Made by Purple xx
  • Picture 3 Made by Purple xx


If you have a different website you use to edit pictures please share, you dont have to though. x)


I will be posting my own pictures, but to make it fair... you guys can vote for the best picture :P

'I'll probably struggle with this on my own, so maybe if anyone would like to volunteer to help me, i'll appreciate it. (I'll send you a message on your talk page)'

So post your picture and the file name in the comments, and i'll put it in the slideshow above! :P

Have a go and Have Fun! Just something to do, if you love editing or wanna have a try. :)

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