I knew that they were gonna break up, thanks to But i told you all not to go on the website! But did you listen? No. Instead you spoiled it for everyone else! So no Seddier who didnt want to know what happened COULDNT go on the Seddie page, im really annoyed at you guys for that..... I was your warner! The one who didnt care about spoilers! Why couldn't you take my word for it when I Said: SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT GO ON ICARLY.COM! sight oh well..... (This is not EVERYONE!)


Yes I know that Seddie broke up, and ohhh it's the end of the world! lol.

But it's not! because there's still a chance that Sam and Freddie could get back together! Ya never know *Raven Baxter voice* xD

I mean for goodness sake they LOVE EACH OTHER?!

Read this fanfiction----- IT IS SOOO TRUEEE and logical! I didnt write it though x)

So please don't give up hope :)

We Are Mighty Seddie Warriors!!!!! After all! x)

So if there's anything you wanna let out, or ask, or anything your worrying about, ANYTHING to do with Seddie and the arc just comment on this blog. :)


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