Hi-ya! :]

So lately I've been doing loads of edits... and I guess I'm 'Okayish' xD...

So anyway, since I'm not a busy person at the moment, I was think of doing edit requests for you guys! :P

In case your confused, I mean editing pictures xP

I'm up for doing anything (Seddie, Creddie, Spam, or Sibby). Anything really... as long as it has SOMETHING to do with iCarly!  :]

So please leave a comment with your request, and if there's a certain picture you have in mind I'd happily receive the file name, or you could just post it on your comment :]. And please leave a description of what you want, I dont want to get the wrong idea and leave you guys disappointed :/ :]

And you can do as many as you want! :]

Once I'm done with your request I'll post it on this blog and/or put it on your talk page! :]

Photo Requests.. :]

~Purple xx

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