Hey Guys! :)

So I was wondering.... what funny memories do you guys have when you were a little Tiddler? :)

Here's Some of mine.... :P

  1. My Sister and I were playing around with some *plastic* suitcases. And by playing around I mean, locking each other in them.... (Dont ask) I'm the youngest so I was first, and I easly got out... but when I sister jumped in, and *accidently* locked her in.... She was stuck for five minutes... My Dad had to *cut* her out. Do you know how awkward it is to tell your parents you got ya Big sister stuck in a suitcase? O.o :P
  2. My Mom and Dad, and Aunt were taking me bike shopping (My first bike :P) And my Mom wanted me to have a girlish Pink one -.- But I wanted this yellow one with dinosaurs (IDK) So I sneaked off and rode the bike roumd the shop, Me Dad and Aunt had to chase me round the shop for all the iles. Haha xD those were the days :)
  3. I rode my bike into a Caravan.... (Don't ask)
  4. I held some strangers hand thinking it was my Mom's. O.o
  5. I had this car thing with a steering wheel and you could move it with your feet and everything... It was amazinggggg :D Of course me Big sister was too big for it, but she still got into it with her legs hanging out the window and I just watched drive down the road and into a Van.... I was so confused..... LOL.
  6. I was at my Nan's house for Dinner, and I had like *LOADS* of coke. So i was lying on the flor laughing like a lunatic... I have no idea what I was laughing at though....i'm really Hyper on Coke... XD !!

Lol You probably dont find any of this Funny, but it was.... :)

So what's Your Crazy Child Memories?

Y'know Just for a Laugh And All! :D

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