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Future iCarly Episodes ;)

To Seddiers, Creddiers, Camers, Spamers.... Well anyone who cares enough to read this blog.

So yeah, a lot of people keep putting these new iCarly episodes up like:

  1. iLose My Mind
  2. iGibby
  3. iWanna Gold Medal
  4. iBreak Up
  5. iHate Mandy

........Well I think you get it.

Welll onto the point of this Blog.......

What future iCarly episodes would You want to be about...?

Can be called anything..... the summary can be anything....It can be based on what ship you like.... BUT something nickeloden would probaly approve on... ;) Maybe you can even do a quick role play thing.... i dunno!

I would like to hear (Well read) your iCarly ideas.

Here's an Example, i just thought of. (No kiddin)

iBack (Yeah i couldnt think of a better name)....

...... So Missy's back and she plans on destroying Sam, and wants to date Freddie.... Meanwhile.... Spencer gets his head stuck in something round.... And as for Gibby?.... well Gibby's...... Gibby.

Pretty rocking episode huh?..... yeah didnt think so....

Anways... your ideas...

And any shipper aloud ;)

I'm sure you got some crazy ideas lurking in your brain someone, unless your Gibby..... Dose Gibby have a brain?

Peace..... Purple xx

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