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Guess That Friggin' Quote :P

Purple xx October 16, 2011 User blog:Purple xx

Another one of those quote guessers... But I guess this is Much, Much Harder. :P

Okay so Here's what ya have to do.

You have to think of a quote, it can be hard or easy. Which ever suits best for you! :P You also have to put a small clue with it! And you have to keep giving them clue's until they guess who says that quote! :]



User 1: "These pants are hurting me in ways you can't imagine." -iCarly

User 2: Gibby?

User 1: NO! In the Seddie Arc :)

User 3: Spencer in iLost My Mind! :DD

User 1: Correct! :DD


LOL that's just a example xP, But you can use it xD ... So have a go! :P....

~Purple xx

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