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Just for iCarly!

Since like *Nearly* every page is about shippings, or has

Creddie FTW! :)

I <3 SEDDIE!!!! :P

Cam is soooo CUTE!!! :D

SPAMMMM!!!!!!!!!! XD

SPISHHHH!!!!!!!!! Haha


'I decided to make this blog! So we can *ALL* get along and talk about iCarly...' the *Good* and the *Bads* things on iCarly... The things you *Love* *Like* and *dislike* about iCarly! The things you *Enjoy* about iCarly... And the things you *Miss* about iCarly. Also ASK Questions about iCarly!!! ETC!!!! :D

I would like it if Shippings were not *at all* metioned in this blog.... and well if you do... I'll slap you silly *JOKE!!* :D But seriously.... I'd advise Shipping not to be mentioned to avoid *arguments* and *Ship warring* I hate that :(

Sooo Enjoy yourselves!!! and uh.... i'll feel REALLY awkward if people decided to ignore this blog xD!!

Purple xx

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