Helloooo iCarly Shippers :D

Sooo this is my Last blog... until after I get back from my Holiday, on Friday... Soo you wont see me for 2 weeks x) Lucky you! xD

Anyway.... A lot of people have been posting games, and I actually have brains to think of one.... :)

It's called One Word.... Well done for reading the blog name xP

So basically you think of a subject and people have to think of one word to describe it...


User 1: Sassage..

User 2: Pig.

New comment new topic....

User 1: Zebra..

User 2: White


These are just examples xD

I know its boring but its something to keep you busy until iLost My Mind. :;)

I really doubt anyone will play this game... soo i'll start it off xD So please have a go.... so i wont feel lame... or stupid xD

Just incase we run out of topics, which i think is impossible xD .... you can use ones that's been already used, as long as there not on the same page :) ... Ye im soo nice xD

Shippings topics are allowed, inapropiate topics arent xP

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