I don't understand why most people are just hating on one 'certain' characters in iCarly because of something they did in a recent episodes. (One or two, maybe three episodes).

I mean why?

I honestly get that your irritated by their 'attudies' lately. But I don't think it's fair that you'l all just downing on one character instead of them all, (This is not Everyone, just some people).

It's not exactly 'fair'. ... But then again they are just characters LOL.

I mean one doesn't just have flaws and the rest aren't all innocent and flawless (that's just boring xP).. They all have their flaws, everyone has flaws, no one's perfect. I have flaws, I'm pretty sure *you* have flaws....

So *please* stop:

Hating on just Carly

Hating on just Sam.

Hating on just Freddie.

Hating on just Gibby.

Hating on just Spencer.

Hating on just Mrs Benson.

.... and claming the others are innocent pies when they're clearly not. They all bad as each other.

So if you'll just gonna hate on one character, why leave the others out?

Unless of course you dislike the character because you just can't stand her/him. x)

Nuff Said....

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