Another STUPID, Little game of mine. Heh:P

So Basically You have to tell a story using the Alphabet! :DD


User 1: The Dog walked in the loo....


User 2: "Ugh" It groaned.


User 3: Violet lilly's came out of it's butt.

You are allowed to ignore this disturbing example but It's just to show you what you basically have to do. LOL.

And nothing tooo disturbing and Make sure it is PG.... And it can't be BORRING! It has to be weird!

And The little story thing can be about ANYTHING.. Books, TV stuff... Random nothings... :)

And don't REPLY To comments.. unless you wanna tell them something... It has to be a new comment to continue the story Thing...

You can like Make a new story up... (leaving it at a cliffhanger... But there has to be atleast.. IDK.. 10-15-20 comments in each story.. Maybe more) By writing this


And then the NEXT Comment can start a new story up....And has to start on the letter after The comment (before THE END) had.. So say If it was E it would be F

So uh Have fun I guess... :) (Hopefully this made sense) (You can choose the first letter, IDC :))

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