This is a new game I used to play with my friends.

Okay, So This is too see which user knows the most celebrities on this wikia.

Here is what You do x):

A player, (Player 1) Has to say a name of a celebrity. And they have to Get the Pronunciation right, But since we're on the internet xD You have to spell it right.

You are' 'not allowed to repeat a celebrity name that has already been said.

So at first it's easy, and then you have to start thinking. xD

And NO Making celebrities up! xD But you are allowed to do characters off a TV show. Since they are techinaclly famous! :)

But since there are so many of you, I think it would be better if you guys signed up! :) Cause anyone could cheat! xP

So sign up Your name to play! :) I know you want tooo.... :)

And if You have any questions, Feel free to ask! :] And I will be creating a new blog, for the game shortly... which will have more info... these were just basic notes, so you had an idea what the game was gonna be about!

The game will start soon..... :]


  • Ant 157349
  • Hjpforeverlastingx8
  • Seddie1196
  • Sparklyplatypus
  • SunriseDaisy
  • Cc71
  • Pisces214
  • Toadetterocks
  • Magicboots
  • Seddiafoeva
  • CookieMischeif
  • PurpleStripedFudgeParole239
  • ObsessiveSeddieDisorder
  • FreddieSeddieI'mReady
  • Amythest444
  • Otherwordly Poptart
  • NerdyNoName
  • XXseddiegurlxx
  • RosalieTheBrave
  • Purplewaffles13
  • Alica123

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