Okay.... Second blog on this xD

Anyway.... I honestly dont mind that Sam and Freddie broke up.... I'm not Mad at Dan, I'm not mad at Carly, I'm mad at no one..... and neither should you.

No dont throw chairs at me! xD.... just listen okay..?

I'm not mad because Dan gave us the most amazing moment, in Seddie history.

Look at this picture Seddiers and honestly tell me that this isn't adorable....



Well can you? No.....

Soo they broke up, but that picture proves soo much, it proves how amazing they really are together.... it proves that they really love each other....

Dan broke them up but he still gave us that moment... and i'm happy.... you should be tooo X)

Know lets look back at this moment again.... but on video.. 10:48.... sorry the only one with good quality!


Everyone has to admit this is really a sweet moment.... (x

Seddier's we cant give up hope, this moment was for reason, a speical reason. and if Dan can give us a moment like this once... he can sure give us another moment like this....

And dont me mad at Dan, he gave that moment to us because we created Seddie, without us Seddie wouldnt have happened..... (x Dan is an amazing man.... its not fair if you hate on him for givng us the Seddie arc and this moment.... he did this for us, please dont be soo ungrateful (x

What do you guys think? x)

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