Hey Guys! :) I just saw Harry Potter today! AMAZING!!!! :D!!!!!!!!XD

Anyway so on to the point of this blog.

This Blog is mainly for *Seddiers* :) But other shippers are welcome! :D

I can obviously see that you *Seddiers* are anxious (Right word?) and impatient for a iLost My Mind promo and the iLost My Mind episode itself.

Yes I am excited to see it but I've learned that there are some things you have to wait for in life, (My laptop, my new laptop after the old one broke (dont ask), School to end, christmas... etc....) and iLost My Mind is one of them.

Yes I get that we all *really* wanna see a promo, but I honesly dont think pestering Nick is gonna make any difference, maybe i'm wrong IDK... But still.... We *need* to wait Okay?

A promo to soon is just gonna spoil things a bit too much *too* early. I mean it's July 19th... no where near August 13th so why would we have a promo now? *Too* many promos will ruin too much, and we dont want that right? And plus we know what Nick is like ;/

<3 Seddie FTW

Anyway.... We waited for iThink They kissed, iSaved Your Life, iPsycho, iBeat The Heat, iDo, iHire and Idiot and iOMG so what makes you think we can't wait for iLost My Mind?

And plus... "Good things always come to people who wait...." ;D -------------->

So please, please take my words into account! And wait! I mean we all know it's gonna be worth the wait! And plus aparently we're *supposed* to get a promo duing Victorious's new Movie "Locked up" July 30th and that' only like 2 weeks away! ;P

~Purple xx

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