I have no idea if this blog has been made before, and If it has and you feel like I stole your idea then I'm sorry, :'(.

Anyway.... so I was wondering.... why do you ship your ship?

And nooo I do not mean boats xP

Whether your a Seddie fan or a Creddie fan, or any other iCarly ship in general. It would just be nice to hear *your* opinion on *your* ship :P Unless your a neutrul shipper.....

You may discuss, your ship, or other ships with other people, you can't disagree, because it is *their* opinion. Unless it's something absulotely outrageous.... and stupid, you cant disagree xP. Just to save any shipwars and arguments, for the sake of *everyone* on this wiki x). Unless of course your a troll.... good luck with life ....

Anyway... I guess I should really say why I ship my ships.... since I am writing this blog x) .... I'll probably write it later, since I havent got any time at the moment.... lol...

Soooo DISCUSS.... or whatever.... :P

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