I think there are a lot of Seddie shippers on icarly.

Here are the peoples :

1) Spencer - He is most likely a Seddie shipper because I first noticed in iNevel, when Sam and Freddie fight, the camera cuts of Spencer smiling at them.

2) Gibby- on iSpeed Date, when Sam and Freddie were talking, the camera cuts of Gibby smiling. Maybe he's a Seddie shipper too :)

3) Kyoko and Yuki(Villains) - They are actually the antagonists of iGo to Japan but when Sam and Freddie were fighting, Kyoko and Yuki looked at each other and smiled, showing they look cute together :)

4) George the Bra - He tells Freddie to date Sam but Freddie kept on denying :)

So, do you guys think they are Seddie shippers? Or not? If you guys have other ideas or other characters whom you think are Seddie shippers, feel free to comment them below :)

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