• Purpleicarlylover

    Hello everybody! My name is Purpleicarlylover! Please read my profile! It talks all about what I like, that I'm a Seddie Shipper, and some of my favorite episodes and movies of iCarly!

    I just joined this wiki a week ago, and this is my blog. Please check back every once in a while because once every 2 weeks I will post iCarly trivia for you guys! I will also post links to blogs that I think are important and also write fake iCarly episodes! Right now I'm currently working on an iCarly/Wizards of Waverly Place crossover that takes place on a planet filled with purple aliens!

    But for now, here is a link to an extremly important link that I think all the seddiers need to see! This user wants to know how many seddiers are in this wiki, so their …

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