Hello everybody! My name is Purpleicarlylover! Please read my profile! It talks all about what I like, that I'm a Seddie Shipper, and some of my favorite episodes and movies of iCarly!

I just joined this wiki a week ago, and this is my blog. Please check back every once in a while because once every 2 weeks I will post iCarly trivia for you guys! I will also post links to blogs that I think are important and also write fake iCarly episodes! Right now I'm currently working on an iCarly/Wizards of Waverly Place crossover that takes place on a planet filled with purple aliens!

But for now, here is a link to an extremly important link that I think all the seddiers need to see! This user wants to know how many seddiers are in this wiki, so their starting a list. All you have to do is post in the comments of this user's blog post "I ship Seddie!" or something like that and BOOM!!!! You're name is added. Someone is making a list like that for the creddiers, I believe, as stated in Page 1 of the comments. Click here seddiers and creddiers:!

Peace for now! Come back soon because on July 15th OR sooner, I will have Part 1 of the iCarly trivia done!

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