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A One-Sided Seddie Peom

Heyy. Here's a Seddie peom from Sam's point of veiw.

I walk into the loft

That isn't mine,

But Carly's

I see the boy

That isn't mine

But will be Carly's

I climb the stairs

To the room that isn't mine,

But Carly's

I see the nub

Who I desperatly want

But he's in love with Carly

Everything that I want

Carly holds

Right in front of me

You say, "Sam, what about the webshow"

It's called iCarly


I find myself at the lock-in

I feel like I'm just watching it

Like it's a movie

I hate this movie

Before I know it

I'm kissing Freddie

When I pull back

I see Carly

And she has a look

That tells me I just stole

Her favorite toy

What do you think? BTW I'm NOT hating on Carly, it's just that she gets lots of nice things. In this poem Sam is just jealous.*And the last line just refers to the fact that Carly keeps rejecting Freddie but may want him as a boyfriend post-iOMG.

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