Hey guys. We have found a troll on the Seddie page recently. He/she is also on the love/hate relationships wiki.

But this blog is NOT for just Seddiers. Anybody and everybody can read it.

This how you handle a troll:

  1. If they have posted a rude comment, reply nicely i.e someone says on the creddie page: CREDDIE SUX! note: That is NOT my opinion. creddie is kinda cute. A good response would be: "If you don't ship Creddie and you don't have anything nice to say, stay off the Creddie page" DON"T reply with something like: "GET OFF TROLL" because you could be seen as a troll to.
  2. You know what- let's not call them trolls. "Trolls" is a pretty mean word if you think about. Let's call them bullies. Better yet- cyberbullies. Because that's what they are. Or vandalisers if they are vandalising pages. Calling someone names, especially online, can earn you mean names. People easily ruin there reputations online.
  3. If the problem continues, go to an adminstrater and let them handle the bully.

Remember, we want to overpower bullies. Let's be nice to keep them from becoming stronger.

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