Wow! These ideas are coming fast for me! Anyway, here is another angsty poem that's Sam-centric.

I love to Lie/I Hate to Lie

I love to lie

It covers up my mistakes

Hides my vulnerability

Lying is security

I hate to lie

It hides my sweet side

Hides my feelings

Hides me

I love to lie

It hides my slip-ups

Hides my truth

Protects me

I hate to lie

No one knows me

Not for real

Not even the one I love

I hate to lie

He doesn't know me

I love to lie

He doesn't know me

I hate to lie

Because I hate to lose

And when I lie

I lose Freddie

What do you think? I don't know what's with these dark and depressing Sam poems I've thought of.

EXPLANATION: To those who don't get this, this poem is an arguement Sam is having with herself about whether she should lie or not. She's saying she loves to lie, because it makes people think she's strong, but she hates to lie because it hides the real her, even from the person she's in love with. Hope that made it more clear! :)

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