Hey. I haven't posted in a while. Let me change that!

I have an idea.

I don't know if it's a good one though.

Please help me by commenting.

Here's my idea- the wiki gets mediaters (or is it mediators? Ah, forget about the spelling). Mediaters would calm ship wars. I guess they'd be like adminstraters but instead of sending warnings and blockings, they calm the storm at the scene. Here's a example:

Blog Post relating to Creddie, Let's call it My Creddie Dream and pretend it's written by a user named iLive4iSD.


iLive4iOMG: That's a supid dream.

LuckyBunny: It's not stupid, it's awesome.(reply to iLive4iOMG)

123Seddie123:@LuckyBunny, It's a stupid dream. Anything Creddie related is boring.


910Creddie910: @123Seddie123 I could say the same thing about Seddie. This was an adorable dream.

LuckyBunny: I agree with @910Creddie910.

OMGiOMG: I agree with @iLIve4iOMG and 123Seddie123. SEDDIE FTW!!

SamCam: I agree with @OMGiOMG, up until the Seddie ftw part. I LOVE Cam.

CamxxCam: @SamCam I agree with you.

Fencin4fencer: I don't like Creddie. At all.

SammiHammi: Guys, come on.

LuckyBunny: Come on what?

SammiHammi: Let's not start a fanwar.

iLive4iOMG: We weren't starting a fanwar.

SammiHammi: Yes you wrere. This is obviously a Creddie related blog. If you don't like , don't click.

910Creddie910: I guess you're right @SammiHammi. We could have started a fanwar over a little blog.

CamxxCam: True.

These characters are all fictional. ANt relations to peple active on this wiki or unactive on this wiki is purely coincidental.

So what do you think? Instead of adminstraters dealing with a shipwar after it happens, we would have mediaters stop the fanwar in it's tracks. I still need to work out all the details, but let me know what ya think! Give suggestions too!

Purpleluv1316 [[User talk:Purpleluv1316Talk 2 me!]] 02:46, July 20, 2011 (UTC) Purpleluv out!

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