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My fan made track listing for an iCarly soundtrack

Purpleotter September 17, 2012 User blog:Purpleotter

Here are some songs that I think would fit with another soundtrack (I know the show ended, I'm just experimenting here) so, anyway:

1. When the sun goes down-Selena Gomez

2. Just a girl-No Doubt

3. Friends Forever-from Saved by the Bell

4. Domino-Jessie J

5. Fourth Dimension-Lights

5. Tonight, tonight-Hot Chelle Rae

6. Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO

7. I've gotta feeling-Black Eyed Peas

8. Just Dance-Lady Gaga

Ok, so most of them are more upbeat focused than relationship focused, but anyway... :P

Feel free to comment on my song choices!

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