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  • I live in The planet of Waffle-upiter
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Eating waffles and ice cream out of a carton awwing at seddie moments
  • I am Neither. I'm a purple waffle.
  • Purplewaffles13

    Sooo. I am so excited for the iPear Store episode!!!! I thought of a good ending for it. And yes, I know it's cheesy. SEDDIE!

    So, Sam got Freddie in trouble for whatever reason, and Freddie had to give up his job, which is his dream job. Sam sees him so sad, and regrets what she's done. Even though she "hates" him and is hard for her to get a job, she decides to quit. The manager is the same guy from the chili place Sam's old job was.

    Sam: Mr. , I quit.

    Mr.  : What, why?

    Sam: Well, if you're firing Freddie, that would be like just firing one of us. So I thought I would lose the job, not him.

    Mr.  : But why would you want to do that?

    Sam: Well, this is the first job I actually like, but its Freddie's dream job, not mine. And I think heneeds it m…

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  • Purplewaffles13

    HI. we need help on the random chiZ wiki!! Me and future ms.kogan made a random gif page. We would appreciate if someone wanted to help on the wiki!!!! Thanks

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  • Purplewaffles13

    It seems like a lot of people are upset about Victorious winning the blimp. But let's just be happy for them, I mean, they Are funny, they Are cool, and created by the most creative, incredible, hilarious person, Dan Schneider!! So let's just be happy!!!

    Everyone post funny pictures or gifs to cheer everyone up! I can't put one on cuz I'm typing this n my iPad.


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  • Purplewaffles13

    Is it? Because I heard lots of people talking about how the next season will be the last. I hope it's not but it might. Please tell me if this is true or not, and why you think so.

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  • Purplewaffles13

    The Name Game!

    November 9, 2011 by Purplewaffles13

    I didn't know what else to call the name :P I don't know if someone already did this, so if you already did this please tell me and I will change it!

    This is sorta like a game. You need to think of a celebrity, and you give 3-5 GOOD, and not too easy hints. Someone will reply saying what the name of that celebrity is. For example:

    1. She's in a popular Nickelodeon show

    2. Her birthday is in the same month as Noah Munck

    3. She's been in another popular Nickelodeon show


    1. Miranda Cosgrove!


    2. Victoria Justice


    Okay. so that was kinda easy, but you should make it more challenging! You can make up to 5 hints. I understand that all of the hints MIGHT be the same for another celebrity, so you can reply and guess up to 3 times per ea…

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