Sooo. I am so excited for the iPear Store episode!!!! I thought of a good ending for it. And yes, I know it's cheesy. SEDDIE!

So, Sam got Freddie in trouble for whatever reason, and Freddie had to give up his job, which is his dream job. Sam sees him so sad, and regrets what she's done. Even though she "hates" him and is hard for her to get a job, she decides to quit. The manager is the same guy from the chili place Sam's old job was.

Sam: Mr. <insert name here> , I quit.

Mr. <insert name here> : What, why?

Sam: Well, if you're firing Freddie, that would be like just firing one of us. So I thought I would lose the job, not him.

Mr. <insert name here> : But why would you want to do that?

Sam: Well, this is the first job I actually like, but its Freddie's dream job, not mine. And I think heneeds it more. Besides, if you have a job you always have to work.

Mr. <insert name here> : Well are you sure about this?

Sam: ... ... ... Yes... *takes hat and ID off and puts on desk, then leaves*

  • Mr. <insert name here> came out.* Well, Freddie, looks like you got the job after all!

Freddie: *confused* What? *looks at sam*

Sam: Well... As much as how girly and cheesy this sounds, I gave up my job.. Uh...

Freddie: Really?

Sam: Yeah.. *looks embarrassed*

    [after an awkward silence]

Freddie: *faciing fear, hugs Sam*

Sam:*shocked but hugs back*

Gibbs, Carly, and Spencer walked in so they could walk home with Sam and Freddie, but find them hugging.

"Awww.." they all say.

Sam and Freddie looked up. They quickly blush and step away from each other.

Sam:Oh, it's you guys.

Carly: Hi! So are you guys back together?

Sam and Freddie: NO! GROSS! *they make disgusted faces and step away from each other*


  • after a while*

Freddie looks at Sam. "I love you." he said.

Sam: I know. Jeez, don't be so cheesy.

  • They smile at each other*

OKAY I GET IT!!!! ITS CHEESY XD ANYWAY SORRY THERE WAS NO SEDDE KISS. I was gonna include it after Sam says "Jeez. Don't be so cheesy." But, like she said, I thought It was already too cheesy enough to have a kiss. It's not that good, but this ending has been stuck in my mind for the past few days :)

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