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The Name Game!

I didn't know what else to call the name :P I don't know if someone already did this, so if you already did this please tell me and I will change it!

This is sorta like a game. You need to think of a celebrity, and you give 3-5 GOOD, and not too easy hints. Someone will reply saying what the name of that celebrity is. For example:

1. She's in a popular Nickelodeon show

2. Her birthday is in the same month as Noah Munck

3. She's been in another popular Nickelodeon show


1. Miranda Cosgrove!


2. Victoria Justice


Okay. so that was kinda easy, but you should make it more challenging! You can make up to 5 hints. I understand that all of the hints MIGHT be the same for another celebrity, so you can reply and guess up to 3 times per each person. Okay. GO!

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